Form Behaviour in 3.60 A

We have a form in 2.50 Navision. When a textbox with a variable is modified, the code goes from the OnValidate trigger of that textbox to the OnAfterGetRecord trigger of the form. However, the same form in 3.60 stops after the OnValidate trigger of that textbox. It does not go to the OnAfterGetRecord of the form. The forms are identical in every property and code. Is there a difference in the behaviour of forms in general in 3.60? Do I have to explicitly update the form for this purpose? Any help is appreciated. TIA

I ran into that same problem, and remember coming to the conclusion that the problem had been introduced in the 3.60 client executable. As I recall, you can manipulate whether the subsequent field triggers fire by removing code from the field validation triggers in the form and table. It was not enough to just remark out the code, you had to completely remove it to see results. I know that just replaces one problem with another, but it was how I was able to show that the mere presence of a comment in one of those triggers caused the subsequent form triggers not to fire. I never reported the problem to Microsoft, so my observations are not supported by an official bug report. Have you made sure that you’re using the most current client executables, or considered 3.70?