Form and Table

I would like to know the concept programing of form and table.When should I write my code on form or table?

First of all, u must attend a Navision Programming class. From there, you should know whether to code in a form or a table.

I must agree with skchong, go on the courses and then look at the base Navision objects. The course(s) will help you.

Supawan, Placing code on the form or table depends on what the code is doing. Is it only relevant in the context of the form e.g you are calculating a form variable or hiding a control based on a field value or is it a fundamental part of the record e.g the calculation of Amount field on the Sales Line that is relevant everywhere the sales line table is used? In the former case the code should obviously be placed on the form and the later, the table. Regards, Chris.

One general rule to consider is to put your code as close as possible to the table. So if you can put the code on the table, put it there. Francis

I agree with Francis, any code that changes data should be put in the table, when you refer to organizing the way the data is shown, or passing filters to other objects then you might put the code on forms. As you can notice by the topics there is no general rule, but both the Navision courses and the standard application should give you an idea… Saludos Nils