Form 42 - Sales Order - Bringing in Contact name automically. How disable??

We want to disable the Form 42 - Sales Order automatically putting the Sell-to Contact name everytime you click on the Sell-to Contact No. drop down list.

I looked at the properties of the field Sell-to Contact No. and I don’t see any thing as to how it bangs it in auto.

Is it somwhere buried in table 5050 Contact table Cal/Code??

Thanks in advance,


Hi Greg,

No this code is coming from Table 36 (Sales Header).

To elaborate a little on that, it’s mostly in field validation code. Search the C/AL code for table 36 for “Sell-to Contact”. You will find all instances of the “Sell-to Contact” and “Sell-to Contact No.” fields, and you can see where it gets set.

I’ll check into both of them.