Forex Gain/loss

We have posted Sales Invoice in base currency USD but after the setttlement of the payment. We find that the bills are showing outstanding.

what could be the error how do i fix this.

settlement is posted or not?

in which currency you have made settlement??

check any difference sales transaction currency, bank currency and settlement currency

verify line amount after you have selected invoices for payment through functions > settelment .

go for inquiries> payment journal and verify your line amount.

go to particular vendor or customer > functions > open transaction editing and select transactions and click update button

I have already done the settlement the balance is reflecting not in the customer ledger but when i generate the AR receivable report

here is how the caluculation goes why worry is the the INR difference of 4047.85 which is still showing.

date type of transaction USD Base $ currency converstion INR net difference
23/06/2010 Invoice 2200 47.85 105270
30/07/2010 Payment receipt 2185 46.01006865 100532
30/07/2010 15 46.01 690.15
2200 105270 101222.2 4047.85

whts that 15 dollars its showing in your table??


while booking your sales invoice of 2200$. $ rate was 47.85. whn convert to INR it wl b Rs. 105270

while receiveing payment customer will pay 2200 $(2185+15) only. whn convert to INR it wl b

Rs. 101222

so whn calculating $ wise no difference wil come. sales 2200$. payment 2200 $ diff is 0

but whn calculating INR wise difference is wil b thr. sales Rs. 105270 - payment Rs. 101222 diff is Rs. 4048.

this amount of Rs.4048 wl b treated as realisation loss. bcz sales is higher than payment recieved.


If you have done setup for realised profit or loss accounts in GL >setup> Exchange rate form > posting tab, particular transaction loss or profit wil b posted to particular accounts what you have set.


The posting profile is set to Forex Gain or Loss.

what i have reaslised is that in the sales invoice i am able to see this unrealised loss stil lying,

IN the sales order i am seeing that in the TAB paymet Exchange Adjustment i am seeing as follows

Unrealised Exchange Adjustment : 0

REaalised Exchange Adjustmet : -4047.85

Exchnage Adjustmetn Amount : -4047.85

Is this the cause of this error. Please give me your guidance.



No I do not beleive this is your issue - can you answer the question about the 15? You had an invoice for 2200, you received a 2185 payment. Both in the same currency, so you have 15 outstanding because they have not paid enough, without any reference to currency.


I am not getting what is your actual error and question


Yes they customer paid 15$ less and so we passed the same as a Bank charges and settled against the invoice which was pending.

My basic problem is when i go to the customer ledger and see the open transaction there is none.( AR ---- CUSTOMER ---- FUNCTION - OPEN TRANSACTION EDITING)

But when i genererate the AR outstnading the bill is showing as a receivable.( UNDER REPORTS)

try to get reports under different heading like Internal account statement, Customer aging report, Custoemr balance list, Customer account statement for your particular customer . i think u will come to knw the difference.