Forecasting configurable demand

We are implementing AX12 and I need to know what others do about forecasting configurable items.

Our old system has a bom with a spot to enter a percentage of probability, meaning if you were chosing between 3 different options. The bom for item ABCD would have those items listed with a percentage like option 1 @ 35% and 2 @ 50% and 3 @ 15%. After you put the configured item on a sales order it would make a unquie item like ABCD-0001 and would still consume the forecast for ABCD. For this example lets say we are forecasting 10 ABCD’s a month for 12 months. Each month we would see demand for 3.5 of option 1 and 5 of 2 and 1.5 of 3. I may not be giving this issue a properly clear discription here, but I hope you have enough to help or at least ask some questions that I can answer and help make it more clear, and this getting your help in the end.

We build machines with different options the customer can ask for. I have not seen or heard of anything in AX that covers this problem for us.

I look forward to your responce.