Forecast Scheduling - working time base has not been specified for '9/30/2002'

hello all,

i have an error from Forecast Scheduling saying that “working time base has not been specified for '9/30/2002” for some items. i check the Calendar under Basic and this date is not in there. why would it complain about a date that old and no longer exist in the Calendar ? anybody ever ran into this problem before ? Thank you very much.


You will need to check your demand and lead time.

The easiest approach is to create calendars back that far, then when planning is complete you will have an order date of 30/09/02, and a delivery date of whenever it is required.

You need to check all calendars, because it might be a work centre driven calendar or an item coverage specific calendar.

Thank you AdamRoue. I think the reason i got this error message because i increased Production > Setup > Parameters > General > Maximum job lead time from 1000 to 5000. I increased it because i got this error message: “Job exceeds the maximum job lead time of 1000 days.” from Forecast Scheduling. do you know what causes it ? TIA.

here is the error messages from Forecast Scheduling:

Item number: 101201
Dimension No.: 1432
Number: 10391233

Oper. No.: 5
Job exceeds the maximum job lead time of 1000 days.
Coverage planning of item 101201 and dimension No. 1432 has been canceled.

Look at item 101201, I am presuming this is a BOM item. Look at the demand on it, when is it needed? Then look at the routing, operation 5 is set to take “x” hours, it is going to do this in a work centre, the work centre will have a calendar associated with it. Essentially this calendar needs to be appropriately open, AX will look forward and backwards to find the appropriate start time and date depending upon all of the other parameters.

If you remove any time against operation 5 it will remove the error message proving it is this operation, but you will probably get another error for the next operation depending upon all of the other inputs.


i look at the Route operation 5, the run time is only .0001, work center and calendar are correct. Date range in Calendar is from 3/3/2009 - 12/31/2010. i tried your way by removing the run time in operation 5 and then it complained on operation 4 with the same error message. Any other suggestions ? Thanks.

Create a new item with a one step route of 1 hour - can you schedule it to the work centre?

There are many settings so it is difficult without seeing the data.


i tried everything and it either came up with this error:

" Working time base has not been specified for…(9/30/2002 or 12/31/2001 and so on) " — if i increased the Productions > parameters

or this error: “Job exceeds the maximum job lead time of 1000 days or 2000 days or 3000 days …)”

any other ideas what went wrong here ? Thanks.

Go to the works order and remove the routing.

Schedule it and it will give you no error I presume?

Add in one line to the works order for 5 minutes. What does it say?

If you get an error message the working time for that work centre group or work centre is not set correctly.

I would remove finite, I would remove hard linking, I would actually set up a new item with a route I understood through work centre groups and work centres I had created with a calendar I had set up. I would also delete anything I am working on and start again, but that is just me.

Somewhere in your setup you have configured the data incorrectly, it tells you you cannot schedule for a set date, and keeps trying, if you change the parameter you are changing that is just a lead time warning for the job, which is telling you it is trying to schedule past this, that parameter is irrelevant, it is the setup that is the issue.

i agree with your theory Adam, but i can not find where it is that the setup goes wrong. This only happens to three items. i’ve been looking at them - work center groups, work centers, operations, runtime, etc., but cant see where it is yet. any sugesstion where it might be occuring from ?

Not without looking at the data. [:D]

Does the BOM create a circular reference, or any operations linked to items etc? Are you basing the route on capacity not standard times? Is the linking hard? Is capacity finite? Is property set? What are the quantity of work centres and the settings here? What is the load percentage? Is the route type standard on all lines? Are task groups assigned? Is Job Sceduling set?

You can only deconstruct it to the base level, check it works and then apply layer and layer until you find your issue.


i take a closer look at these items and find same pattern for all. Within the Bom lines for all, they have different Bom items that have different route types based on three different calendars - work center, work groups, operations, etc. We have different facilities that use different route types and calendars. i think this might be the problem. what do you think ?

Well if you have nested BOM’s it takes very few issues for AX so not be able to scehdule the work.

It is not the three parent items you probably have to look at, but it it all of the sub-assemblies with the routes, and all the sub-assemblies within these routes.

I cannot comment on the lead times etc, but set the flushing of these components to finish and see if this has any affect, by having them to anything else you need to have them before the higher level production commences unless you set an operation agaist the BOM to tell the system at which point in the route you need the stock.


Thank you for all your suggestions, i appreciate it. Again, i’ve managed to find out the damn error and fixed it. it gave me a headache in the past 2 weeks. It is the Work Center in the Route. i never set up the Routes or Bom, so i don’t know much about the setups. It just takes me a little while to dig around and know what it is that goes wrong in the setup. Your suggestion pointed me to the right direction about the “incorrectly setup”. Thank you.

No problem, glad you got there in the end.