Forecast Planning

Hi All,

I am doing the Forecast planning in AX 2012. I did all the specific things for the forecast for an item X. Now I hav run the forecast scheduling in MAster Planning > Periodic > Forecast Scheduling.

Now to see the calculation of the forecast I am going to PIM > Item X > Plan Tab > Gross Requirement.

But here system is throwing an error saying that “Setup of current forecast plan has not been specified”.

Can u please tell me about this Setup of Forecast Plan.

Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks in Advance,

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Parashar Banerjee.

not sure on why you are seeing the error. May be versions specific.

However, if your intention is to see the result of “Forecast scheduling run”. You can check it by opening “Planned orders” form and select the respective forecast plan that you gave while running.

Thanks Santosh. Ya I can see it in Planned orders.

I want to see the reult by specific items. The result is coming in Net requirements but not in Gross requirements.

I want to see the result in Gross requirements. In Gross requirements, that error is coming.

When you click Gross requirements button, are you not able to see that form at all?

  • check Master planning>Parameters “Current forecast plan” is specified in the parameters.

By the way, both the Gross requirements and Net requirements will show you the same result.

Have a look in the planning parameters, there is a default forecast plan - is it set/does it exist? This is the one called in the view.

Yes, current Forecast plan is specified in tha Master Planning parameters.

And if you right mouse click and view details you have a fully defined plan with stock forecast etc. ?