Forecast plan doesn't take sub-bom and component lead time AX 2012

Hi, I have a multi-level bom with three Subs - one is a bom (A) and two are phantom (B, C). None of them have route assigned. A has three further sub-boms. we have defined them as line item for the BOM line type. The phantoms are defined as phantoms in the bom line type.

I set up a demand forecast for 5 Qty every week for the next 3 weeks. (note here: few components lead time take almost a month to procure).

What I noticed is that when I run the master plan, AX takes the lead time of the components and subs into account and shows the delayed production order correctly.

However, when I run a forecast plan, Ax doesn’t seem adjust the production start dates for Subs or main bom but simply shows the production order as per the forecasted date. say if I have a forecast of 5 qty on 2/15, it shows the production order for the forecasted demand, while it shows the Planned purchase orders for the components that would start at least month from today.

Why AX doesn’t adjust the production order for BOM or SUB? There are no quantities in stock for any of the materials. Is that how AX is designed to respond for forecast plan?

There are two elements here - the forecast is when you forecast you need it - the production suggestions are created form the proposed demand, and then adjusted to meet the order modifiers and influencers. There is no point in adjusting the forecast - the system will also no forecast at sub-level in a pegged environment to push out demand, instead you need to either independently plan demand at the sub-BOM level or ensure you plan separately for it with its own forecast. The forecast is static - the full plan run plans it with capacity and materials - the forecast plan simply pushes it into the master plans view.

Thank you Adam. One other question, to see the ATP messaging based on the supply/demand, we can see from the delivery date of the sales order. Can AX suggest ATP date? I only see a list of date suggestions but that doesn’t seem to be correct (because AX lists tomorrow onwards as a possible ATP dates). I put the ATP time fences as 180 on all coverage groups. Where else we can see the ATP and / or what specific set up AX needs.

many thanks

ATP will be based upon the lead time of the item and nothing more (from memory) CTP looks deeper into the requirements.