Forecast Consumption

In the Dynamics AX forecast table, once a forecast record period has passed, does the record become purely historical or may some part of the qustity be considered as demand going forward if not all of the quantity was matched by actual Sales Orders?

When you set up the forecast plan in MP, one of the attributes is called the “reduction principle”. That attribute allows for various options to tell MP how to automatically reduce the remaining forecast.

To tell it to ignore any remaining forecasts amounts at a certain number of days, (dynamic/rolling as opposed to a specific fixed date), you’d use one of the “reduction keys” options and then set up a reduction key rule accordingly.

These have pretty straightforward help screen texts, but if you need additional details that could probably be covered within this thread.

I would add it is not considered, because it already has been. As a simple example if you forecast 40 for April 3rd and have sales orders for 25 and 25 in stock, mrp will tell you to make or buy 15. Whether you make our buy the 15 the forecast of 40 is ignored on April 4th. If can get more complex but historical forecast is ignored