Force NEWLINE in Dataport

Greetings and a Happy New Year! For a special purpose I want to Force the Dataport to make/start a NEWLINE with a Command (NO FIELD/RECORD CHANGE) Any Ideas? Benjamin Crause Germany

For example - export: Declare CrLf Text[2] Cr Char Lf Char … Cr := 13; Lf := 10; … If you want Dataport to skip line let CrLF := Cr + Lf; otherwise CrLf := ‘’; Insert CrLf in the list of Dataport Fields; That is all, Const.

Thank for your reply. This doesnt work: Var CRLF: String[2] CR,LF: Char CrLf := CR + LF; The last line produces an Error> Incompatible Types : Text:=Integer; I tried this: CRLF := strsubstno(’%1%2’,CR,LF); In that case no Error shows up but it has no effect in the output-file. No NEWLINE has been made. Bye Ben Benjamin Crause Germany

I’m sorry. It was my fault. It works :slight_smile: YEAH THX Ben Benjamin Crause Germany