has anybody worked on forcasting like sage winforcast

Not familiar with sage winforcast - what aspect of forecasting does it cover?

I have integrated our forecasting tool to Navision… The forecasting tool takes sales/demand figures and generates a demand forecast. Based on these figures the safety stock and reorderpoint and updated into Navision… For more info please mail me… (

Someone help us here. Didn’t Microsoft just announce that FRx Forecaster would be available this month?

Microsoft did announce that FRx willbe integrated to Navision in 2004, not exactly sure the quarter. What kind of forecasting? You are not talking about Demand Planning, correct?

If you’re talking about the Demand Planner, I downloaded it months ago from the partner guide. Not sure if it was released or a beta version. Also this can depend on the country you’re in (talking about globalization). Basically it does forecasting based on historical data and requires SQL. Your solution center should be able to tell you more about this.

Hi Ajay Jain, Can you give me more details about the requirements of your module?