Footer Value Display AX 2009

Hi All,

i want to how to display method value print in Footer.I have design report in ax 2009,but problem is that no one value print in Footer

e.g the following display method i have used in footer this method is correct but not give me output in footer

please help me.

display str getSubTotalToWords()
str amt1;

if (abs(this.SubTottal2()) > 0)
amt1= numeralsToTxt_IN(this.SubTottal2());
amt1 = ‘’;

return amt1;

thanks sangram

Do you say that the method doesn’t get called? Or it gets called and always returns an empty string? Please use the debugger to find out what exactly happens.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the reply,

i check using debugger ,you right it get called then returns empty string.I want print the total value in string ,i mean only display string e.g

123----this value print in One Hundred Twenty Three

but problem is that this method call in body they will be print and output also fine

i want same method used in footer.How to display Footer???

If the method returns an empty string, it means that (abs(this.SubTottal2()) > 0) is false. You should clearly see it in the debugger. It must mean that this.SubTottal() refers to something that works in body but not in footer. Unfortunately I have no idea what the method contain.

Hi Martin,

ok,this method is drop in body but any idea how to another method to print the value in footer.Please help me.