Footer on customer statement report


I have a footer on a report that i need to print on the last page of each customer statement.

At the minute it is only printing on the last page of the batch run.

What code do i need to put and where to make this change


Hey is this classic client or Role tailored client…?

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Check the properties PrintOnEveryPage = yes and PlaceAtBottom = yes


Navision is SQL server option version 4 SP3

I don’t want it to print on every page. A statement could be 5 pages for one customer so i would only want it to print on the5th page. The next customer statement could be 1 page long so would want it printing on that page.

I’m only a beginner programmer in Navision. It looks like it only prints a header on change of customer but not sure how.

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that is fine… on the footer section… use thigs command… in group footer…

group ur customer number in the report.

IF CurrReport.TOTALSCAUSEDBY = customerRec.FIELDNO(“No.”) THEN


I do not have a group footer is this a problem,

Also now i say print on every page it is doing and making the body of my statement very small

We run a batch run for all our customers in one go and only want the footer on the last page of each individual customer staement.

I’m not even sure it can be done in navision as i have searched the forums for the answer

mm this is hard… but i suggest you to take a group footer ans this command will not work for the footer…

or one more option is u take a variable and make customer specific totals… something like balance and at the footer… check if the total for that customer is equal to the variable… then only print the footer otherwise don’t print it…

i am pretty sure this shud work…

0825.Footer.doc (482 KB)


I really getting confused and going round in circles. I have attached screen dumps of sections etc on the report. I have two footers exactly the same apart from one is for createmaxpdf and the other for printing. Before trying to make this change the footer would appear on every page but i have extended the body and only want the footer to print last page of each statement ran in batch.

I am so new to bespoking Navision reporting that i really dont understand all the commands. I have found other reports that only print footers on the last page and dont seem to have any coding to do this.

Any help would be appreciated

Please send me the object if possible.

i shall look at it… this is not very hard to do… i can help you.


It wont let me insert the object from this post

Hi having been away from this problem for a week i still can not see what code to use. Please if anyone can help