Footer Misbehaviour


I have a report wich has 2 dataitems job and job ledger entry.

The job ledger entry is idented 1. The grouptotalfields has 2 items.

I have 2 groupfooters. So my data is grouped by job and by job task.

The footer section should print the total quantity for all jobs once, but it prints the the acumulated quanty after the job is grouped and at the end the total quantity for all jobs.

I want to print only the total quantity at the end. I dont want to print the total quantity after the each job group.

Any Ideas?



Hi Edson,

I think you need to use the TOTALSCAUSEDBY command in the OnPreSection-trigger of the footers.
Something like

But may i ask why you print a grand-total in a group-footer at all?
Why not just put it in a footer?

Actually I want to print the grandtotal in a footer not in a groupfooter.

It is already printing in a footer but the footer prints many times. Everytime after a groupfooter is printed the footer gets printed.

Hmmm, sounds a bit weird…

Check the PrintOnEveryPage-property of the footer-section…

As i understand your report, you have 2 group-footers, 1 that shows total per job task, and 1 that shows total per job.
Besides that you want a Grandtotal…
Am i correct?

If so, then if you put the grand-total controls in a Job Ledger Entry footer, it is bound to be printed once per job, and not once for the whole report.
The footer section is printed when the relevant data-item is processed to the end, and that’s the case each time you handle a new job, because of the DataItemLink-property on the Job Ledger Entry Data-item.

You should then have only group by Job Task, and also only have one group-footer.
This is used to print the totals per job task.
The Totals per job you should print in a Job Ledger Entry footer.
And the Grand total should be printed in a job footer. (you probably have to keep it in variables if it shows figures from the Job Ledger Entry data-item)