I have problems with understanding flowfields, and how they really work. For example, I create a new table containing the fields Costumer No. and name. With the property “TableRelation” set to “18” on field “Costumer No.” and the property “FieldClass” set to Flowfield on the field “Name” and Calcformula Lookup ect., the name is automatically retrived to the field in the new table. Why doesn’t it work this situation; I create a new table. First field is “Order No.” with property “Tablerelation” set to table “Posted order”. When I choose an order, I want the fields Costumer No., “Name” and "Service Item No. automatically set in. Why can’t I do it the same way as in the first example? Regards, Karl

[?] Hmmm … normally it should work … like in your first example … I suppose, you want the FlowFields “Customer No.”, “Name”, etc. be shown, when you have selected a “Posted Order”!? Maybe it helps, if you put a CALCFIELDS in the OnValidate-Trigger?

"Order No." OnValidate
CALCFIELDS("Customer No.", Name, <...>);

Regards, Jörg

If you want the values to be shown on a form, you need a CurrForm.UPDATE(TRUE) in the OnAfterValidate trigger of the “Order No.”. Otherwise, the looked up values will only be shown when the form is refreshed, e.g. by leaving and re-entering the record.