FlowFields and dates

Hi guys, I have a situation where I need a flowfield which does a lookup to a table which has a date field at the end of the key. When I do the lookup it returns the value of the field from the first record (earliest date). The field is in fact a risk score and I need the most up to date record. How can I make the FlowField use the last record and therefore the latest risk assessment? Alex.

Hello Alex, Try the following: Set the Method property of the Calculation formula of the flowfield to ‘Max’. This should select the latest record to display.

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That would return the highest risk score rather than the last record. I’ve managed to partially solve the problem by creating one FlowField finding the max date and incorporating this with the orignal flowfield. Obviously I’m now getting the problem where if the date FlowField isn’t calculated before the risk score FlowField it returns 0. However the ways these fields are being used I think I can get away with this. Thanks for the help anyway.

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