FlowField Updataion

Hi, In the Sales Header we have a flowfield Amount,i would like to update that field when ever i change the Sales Line,this field is not updating automatically until i click in some field of Sales Header or until we click some where in the Sales Header. Does any one have idea to update the Flowfield automatically with out coming to the sales Header. Thanks in advance Mohan

I had this problem once: we had a client who wanted a flow field on the sales invoice form which showed the total of the invoice. What I ended up doing was to put a button on the form which did nothing in particular— just so the user would have something specific to click on to update the flowfield :slight_smile: Your basic problem is that it is impossible to update a parent form from a subform. That’s just the way it is… ------- Tim Horrigan

Maybe you could do a CALCFIELD then CurrForm.UPDATE(FALSE) on the OnTimer() of your parent form …

CurrForm.UPDATE(FALSE) will not work properly. I decided this problem and my C/AL code looks like follows: OnTimer() CALCFIELDS(Amount); CurrForm.Amount.UPDATE; Best regards, Const.

Hi constis, thanks for your reply,but the amount is not updating when we are in the same line,that means after changing the quantity if i come to the next sales line then the amounts are updating ,if i am in the same line then the amounts are not updating.Is there anything else that will update the Sales Header amount,after changing the quantity immidiately. Thanks. Mohan

If you layout your form so that the total is actually on the subform containing the sales lines then you can avoid the OnTimer code on the sales header. It’s a bit of work to display the total on the subform but it is possible - see form 39 (General Journal) for an example of how to display totals at the bottom of a form.

We had this problem too: and at the end we did it the same way that Jack described above. The only disatvantage is, that there is no way to put your field within the Tab Control of you sales header. But if you place your field on a frame below your sales header, it should be nice too…

Hi Jack, thank you for your nice idea.I like your idea very much.Once again thank you. Mohan