flowfield total amount wrong

dear all:

after setting the datefilter on the g/l account form, the net change field amount is not the same with the total amount of drill down, could anybody can suggest why? thanks in advance!

the net change filters on posting date of gl entry after u apply the date filter… how ever balance field will not filter…

after drilldown it shud show the same total entries… please check the flowfield properties otherwise.


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Check the proprerties of flowfield field

Is anybody change that ??

the field properties of net change field is not changed

one account 's net change is more the other account’s net change is less, and the two balanced. the remaining accounts are ok

net change is based on the date filer… however balance amount will not consider date filer… so please check ur filters

not balance field, but just net change field

Then you need to throw us example… if your filters are proper… then u will not face any issue with the drilldown… total and netchange value