Flowfield/text box problem

My setup is: a table box, and a text box under it. The text box is tied to the flow field in the table that calculates the totals of one of the other fields. The text box is supposed to show a new total every time i update the table, but instead it is stuck on 0, the drilldown works perfectly though, and when the field is copied to another table, the correct sum is copied, When i open the table from the designer the totals are calculated correctly as well. I’m new to navision development and i would really appreciate your help. Thnk you ~Sergey sergey@wam.umd.edu

Hi Sergey, Find the appropriate place where you will calculate the flowfield. Let me suggest that to be on the same place where you “update the table”, as you say. … yourTable.CALCFIELDS(yourFlowField); … I hope this tip will help. Zoran Stalevski Team Vision - Macedonia

I tried this a couple of times on different triggers and this is not working. i have no clue as to why. i’ll keep trying. Thanks anyway

Hi Sergey, Then try this (I don’t know about the “tie” of the flowfield, so this should do): … yourTable.CALCFIELDS(yourFlowField); yourTextBoxSourceExprVar:= yourFlowField); … You need a “regular” text box, assigned to a variable of the same type as the FlowField you want to show in it. Also (if this still doesn’t help), think again what is the best trigger to attach this code. Zoran Stalevski Team Vision Macedonia

Awsome!!! that did it thank you so much, this has been p***ing me off for a couple of days already. i’m in your debt :slight_smile: ~Sergey