FlowField (Sum) problem on N:M-relationed tables


I understand how to use sum flowfields. For example with 2 tables, Workers and Departments, how to create a “Total salaries” in Departments to sum all the “Salaries” on Workers that works on this department.

Well, the problem is how to do it with 3 tables relationed, I have Actors and Films, but since an actor can work in many films and in a film can work many actors, I need another table ActorsFilms to relation them, for example:

Actors Films ActorsFilms
Code Code Actor
Name Name Film
Fee Year Total salaries

The problem is when I create the FlowField sum for “Total salaries”, I choose Table Actors and field Fee to be added, but I can’t fix a correct Table filter.

I tried to create a FlowField lookup for Fee in ActorsFilms but an error message occurs when I try to do applicate a Flowfield sum on a Flowfield lookup field. ¿Can somebody hep me? :wink:

You cannot make a flowfield based on an flowfield. You need to create your new flowfield so that it’s basically using the same calculation as the underlying table.

Well, I don’t understando good. The Flowfield I need to create in the Films table should add the field Fee on Actors table, but those tables are not linked directly, they need the ActorsFilms one, and I don’t know how to implement this solution.