FlowField problem

We are running Fin 2.6e on SQL 2000. On the customer card, which has many FlowFields, we are having a particular problem with the Balance FlowField, and it updating properly. If you bring up the list of customers from the card, the balance field is visible, and it will show 0. Go back to the list a few seconds later, and it will suddenly come to life and show the proper balance. Anyone have any experience with these wrong FlowFields? We were very curious as to why, when we ran the finance charge batch job, that it skipped over many records that had a balance. With these improperly updated FlowFields, it would make sense if the batch job filters on positive balances, and if it happened to be 0, it would skip it.

i have had a similar problem, but i am running on navision attain 3.01 on a navision database. i have the same problem of a customer flowfield showing a 0 balance, but when you drill down you can in- fact see the details of the transaction. but when we posted a sales journal line, there was a message saying that the cust. ledger entry table was being used. after that we reposted the sales journal, and then the customer balances can be seen. my guess was the table was being locked, or someone was modifying the table. but what ever it is, this should not happen rite?

No, this should not happen. We do get these types of issues where you get a message that you can’t post something, you try it again a short period later, and it works. I tried to find journal entries that were posted at the same time that I know that this problem occured, but the time is not kept in the customer ledger entries.