FlowField Issue- NAV 2018

Hi All,

I wanted to bring all dimensions on Posted Sales Invoice list. In list I want ‘Dimension Value Name’ in dimension values.

I have created flowfields as below


but when opening the page getting below error.


whereas if I take ‘Dimension Value Code’ in CalcFormula → Field then its working fine but giving ‘Dimension Value Code’ in Posted Invoice list.

I did not get the error.

is it because of ‘Dimension Value Code’ is a normal field and ‘Dimension Value Name’ is a flow field.

Can we take a flowfield in field of a CalcFormula?

Kindly suggest?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Nikitha,

No, flowfield over another flowfield will not work, values you want to show have to be calculated in the OnAfterGetRecord trigger.

Thanks for the reply Alexander.

One more question,

Currently I gave filters as below (hardcode filter)


But I want to make it dynamic with General Ledger Setup.

Suppose in future Dimensions or its sequence get change then I have to change in above field properties.

I tried to do that but unable to do that.

Thanks in advance.

Again, it’s not something that can be achieved by using FlowFields. If you want to show a value of a shortcut dimension, you need to get the general ledger setup and apply the filter on the dimension code in OnAfterGetRecord trigger. Or OnAfterGetRecordEvent, if we take the modern way of developing customizations.

Thanks for the reply.