flowfield decimal places

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I create a new flowfield ‘unit cost’ in transfer shipment lines table, it look up the ‘unit cost’ field in the item table, when run the transfer shipment line table, it only display 2 decimal place, while i want to get more exact figure, say 5 decimal place(in item table, there are many decimal palces).

could anyone help me.

Thanks in advance!

Check the value of DecimalPlaces property for your this flowfield.

If it is 2, then set it to defualt or to your desired no. of decimal places.

Did you try by setting DecimalPlaces property of new filed to 0:5?

thanks to Dhan Raj Bansal and mohana cse06, it is correct now with the new settings.

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there is another way to do this in NAV: Set the AutoFormatType property to 2 and leave the DecimalPlaces property at its default value. This advises NAV to use the decimal places for unit amounts as set in the G/L setup. The advantage is that if you decide to change the unit-amount decimal places allowed, it will affect your field as well.

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