Flowfield & Crystal Report

I have got a customer who’s using Crystal Report & Navision Advanced Distribution 2.60 (MicroSoft SQL 7.0) One of the user is creating report using Crystal Report, the reporting is done directly against the SQL tables. It seems to work fine beside that all the flowfields are showing 0 (zero) when the report is runned. Is there any option(s) to set somewhere in Navision Or MS SQL to get the calculation of those flowfields maintained by SQL so when reporting using Crystal Reports the flowfields show the calculated amount values instead of zeroes. In other words how can I force a CALCFIEDS for all the fields each time a record is read in Crystal Report ??? If there’s such an option, I believe this would mean some performance slow down on the SQL side ??? Can anyone confirm on this … Cheers, Tarek###### _________________________________ Tarek Demiati Freelance Navision Developer Email : tarek_demiati@ureach.com Telephone : +65 - 906 787 16 _________________________________Edited by - Tarek Demiati on 2001 Sep 08 10:16:31

Hello. Unfortunately, you must calculate all the fields yourself by querying the underlying table just like the flow field would do. Which is just like people would normally do if they weren’t using Navision.

Flowfield data is maintained in separate tables under SQL. To retrieve the flowfield values you can call a stored procedure with parameters (as Navision does), or query the table directly with the filters set. Might be tricky to do from Crystal Reports, though. To know which tables to query, use the Query Optimizer from SQL Enterprise Manager and analyze the tracing. John