FlowField compare different data types during lookup

I’m trying to add a FlowField to the Purchase Order Header table that displays the “Description” field from the Project Requisition table based on where the Project Req.“Rec ID” field and PO Header.“Your Reference” field match. The issue is that the “Rec ID” field is an Integer and “Your Reference” field is stored as Text, so I get a conversion error.

Is there any way to compare an integer to text within a lookup statement? I messed around with the FORMAT and EVALUATE functions but haven’t had any luck. Below is my CalcFormula statement.

CalcFormula = lookup(“GCX Project Requisition”.Description WHERE(“Rec ID”=field(“Your Reference”)));

I think that´s not possible. Fields should be same type. You might find easier to use the OnValidate trigger of ‘Your reference’ field to look for the Description and assign it to your field.