FlowChart showing the different tables that are touched per profile id

Does anyone have a Workflow design that would indicate which tables are touched for profile id’s. Trying to determine if I need full licenses or lite licenses. I know if the GL tables are used it would be Full. Looking for a flowchart?


You didn’t mention which version of NAV you are talking about. It was changed in Dynamics NAV 2016, where a lot of tables were added. Check appendix A for a list of which tables are included in the limited license.

NAV2016LicensingGuide.pdf (1.71 MB)

I know of know flowchart or entity diagram or so something like that. Although new Navision developers have asked for this for the last 20+ years.

The reason is that you will not be able to see which tables are used, just by looking at such a diagram/chart. It fully depends on how your system has been configured and how you are using it. A chart would for example show you that a sales order is not only sales header and line tables, but also lots of other tables, which might or might not get data depending on what your order contains. If you don’t sell resources, then it would not update resource ledger entries.

But your “problem” will come again, when you have to setup user permissions. Here you would need to create a permission set especially for these limited users.

And that’s actually what could help you. There is a tool available that can “record” which table you use and edit, and turn it into a permission set for you. Then will know exactly which tables are edited.


And it’s free…