Flow of methods of Sales Order Picking List,Picking list registration,Packing slip and Invoicing ,similarly Purchase Order

Hi folks,

Does anyone have any document or link for the flow of methods in Sales Order process from start to end .i.e.

which methods of tables and classes gets hit and in what sequence .

Similarly for the Purchase Order.

Request you to send me the document on mehtavikas99@gmail.com


Vikas Mehta.


debug gives too much details .there is a document which provides precise details which i need.

anyone with documents or links ?

Hi Vikas,

You can use code coverage to see the whole flow of the process.

you can find code coverage in menu list in classic. click on start button and do the process sales order or purchase order posting. After posting you can again go to the code coverage and stop the process and can view the object and their methods used.



i also need this document please



Haven’t got it yet .will upload the link in case i get it .

In case you guys get it send it accross to me too.


Have anyone got the document or link ?



I believe there is no document as such, there will be lot number of method calls during the different stages of posting.

You should be probably concentrate on an area, then you could be able to debug and find the flow(Example → update of journals and inventory during packing slip posting)

You can also refer the Re-factored Form Letter Framework, to understand the newly introduced classes in AX 2012