Flow of Methods in sales order posting starting from confirmation,picking list,packing slip,invoice

I would like to know the flow of methods(step by step calls to methods) in sales order posting.Is there any document that gives a precise picture to understand the scenario?i would like to know the sequence of calls…

Thank You

Why don’t you try it yourself by applying debugger and then post your queries. You will get better response this way and it will be better for you also.


Hi Pranav, could you pls suggest how can I run the debugger? Is it from AOT? if so how to start it?

yes open AOT and put a debugger in salesFormLetter class main() method.

then create a sales order with a line and try to post it…and observe the flow of methods.


Vineesh .T

You can also try putting debugger in salesFormLetter class construct method…