Flow for Manufacturing Demo


What should be the flow of processes to be shown in a Manufacturing demo. Lets say you have a prospect in Manufacturing, what all will you show in the navision demo to this customer.

It really depends upon the customer, get some background information on the manufacturing processes, are they heavy, light, MTO, MTS or ETO? How extensive are the BOM’s? What routings do they have? What capacity stance do they take? Where are the current issues? What would they like to see.

Otherwise I will just say create demand, raise a production order, post the production journal, ship the good - nice and simple, why complicate it?

normally, a manufacturing operation eager to know the main concerns: Planning, Execution, Control

In planning, show order planning, planning worksheet, MPS & MRP
in execution, show how to consume materials, how to register output, how to place f.g. in location or such as.
in control, show where to see scheduled receipt, see reports showing progress of production, and such as.

good luck.

It depends on if you,ve had an initial look at their main requirements, however if you want to demo the products general capabilities , there is a Manufacturing demo script available on Partnersource ,with most processes covered. Use this for your preparation .

Thanks Nikolas,

can u give that demo Link.


If you log into partnersource and type in the search function “Manufacturing Demo Script” the following URL is top - do you have an aversion to this sort of search? It must have taken longer for you to reply than to do the actual search on partnersource, you wrote 8 words when you only needed 3 [:D]