Flow fields in SQL-based Navision

Is it possible to retrieve the values that are maintained in Flow fields in a SQL-based Navision ? ex. How would I find the field “Sales (lcy)” in the table “Item” on SQL ?

It is a little difficult, but it is possible. I see one of two ways in which this can be done. First, you could create a new view in the SQL Enterprise Manager to replicate the FlowFields that you need. This could get very complicated. But, you can also use the special FlowField tables in Navision, which store this data. When linking to the SQL server via ODBC (in my example, I am using Crystal Reports), you will see many entries like the following: [SQL Database Name].dbo.[Navision Company Name]$[Navision Table ID]$[Table field identifier]. Replace the words in brackets with your particular paramaters. The Table field identifier only appears to be a an increasing number staring from 0 to indicate groups of FlowFields.