Flow field on header -AutoRefresh

Hi All, Is there any way to refresh the flowfield on the header ,onvalidate of a field on the line? Also to calculate/Refresh a few other fields to be calculated form thsi flow field. Am I trying to do something impossible? Thanks, Sharan.

If I understand you correctly, then, yes, by using the OnTimer Trigger. Search the forum - I’m pretty sure this has been covered before.

SV, The OnTimer does not help, I have tried using that.You still have to click on the header to refresh the value in the flow fields. I even tried to do calcfield onvalidate of a field on the lines, but doesnt help :frowning:

I got it now. ONtimer() you have to refresh the current flowfield, not the whole form.

*in the header* **OnTimmer** rec.CALCFIELDS(MyFlowField); MyFlowField.UPDATE; If the number is lagging behind the most current values, you may need to add a SELECTLATESTVERSION command as well.

Thanks david. Thats works fine!