Flow data from Item journal to tracking specification table

Dear All,

i have added two new fields (Mfg Date and Expiry Date) in item journal table. i have added code in Codeunit 22 (Item Jnl.-Post Line) to Flow the data from item journal to item leger entry.

Same i have to flow data from item journal to tracking specification table, but i not getting where to write the code.

kindly Suggest.


Before trying to answer your question, it’s good to understand why you want to move anything from journal lines to tracking specification in the first place. Because normal data flow is the other way round: from Reservation Entry to Tracking Specification and after that to Item Journal Line.

And by the way, why are you creating a custom field for expiration date instead of using the standard one?

Actually i have Changed my logic now, i am entering the data in item tracking line which flow item ledger entry.

I have added two additional fields (Manufacturing and Expiry Date) in tables

336 – Tracking Specification

337 – Reservation Entry

338 - Entry Summary

83 – Item Journal Line

32 – Item Ledger Entry

My data is properly flowing in tables except in the table 338 - Entry Summary Table.