Flow Charts

Hi, Does any one has the basic flow charts for navision covering sales, purchase, production and etc Rgds

Hi, I dont think that Navision provides any flowchart for the functionalities in the base area. Hope the flow charts would help the developers reduce the development work. rgds

BUT these flow charts still exists !! I’ve seen them at my NSC for study, but now my NSC isn’t anymore. Perhaps someone can post them as PDF ??

I have also seen the flow charts in pdf files.

and after seing them, does anyone have them ? please mail me them info@navare.com

I would also like to have the flow charts - especially for manufacturing. please mail me on prashantlingayat@yahoo.com

…to add some confusion: these flowcharts do exist, but they are specific efforts by NTRs that put together these info, Navision does not publish or provide anything in this direction. In my case, it’s been Navision Switzerland that put together these flowcharts, for Financials 2.00 (so rather old) and in german - I guess these are the ones that you saw, Hans Dieter… Have a look at the following post… http://www.navision.net/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=2059&whichpage=1&SearchTerms=flow%2Cchart Saludos Nils