Flexible Report Headings.

I have one general report that shares two requirements . ie Item Quantity and Item Value. This requirements are presented to the user by choosing either of the two options provided(Quantity or Value).

Qs. The report has only one heading with several collums but there is this one collum named Item Quantity or Value. I want it to be either Item Quantity when i choose option quantity or Item Value when i choose option Value. How do i manage this?

In your form, when you set the Source Expression of your “Item Quantity or Value” column, have something like this (in code NOT as a property):

if Option = Option::Quantity then

SrcExp := ItemQty


SrcExp := ItemValue ;

But the Source expression of the two options remains to be one. Ok its like this:

Global Variables

QtyorValue Option (Quantity,Value)

Report Form

2 option buttons with captions:-Quantity and Value BUT all points to one source expression:-QtyorValue.

Report Sections

Item Header

Item No Description Item Value/Qty

Thats how it is. Now i want when i choose option Value, the text in bold to be Item Value.

and when i choose Quantity the text to be Item Qty. Otherwise whatever report i print/preview, the text appears as provided in the caption property of the report control/field. ie Item Value/Qty.

Please assist more

Thank you.

Insted of using a label in the header, use another text box. Use your Option variable as its source expression.

Girish for sure you are an expert in Navision. Is has really worked as required. Thank you for your efforts. I appreciate