Flat File (CSV) scheduled batch importing


My company needs to import data in scheduled fashion from csv files.

Before customizing Dynamics 4 we would like to see if it possible to use what Dynamics already offers us to do so.

We noticed that creating a “definition group” there are three ways to set up import batches:

Standard, Excel, Custom

“Custom” would be perfect for our needs. Unfortunately we cannot find a way to schedule it.

Does exist such way? Is there any viable alternative?

Thank you!


Hi Fabrizo,

Whatever you are trying to import, if you have access to a developer, then he/she can create a class extending RunBaseBatch. Once created then this class can be run in batch as well as ad hoc.


Why is custom perfect for your needs? Why not create a standard one with no tables and add in the tables and fields you want. Then pressing Import you can schedule the batch. You cannot do this with custom.

Hello Adam, can you explain in more detail this standard import with adding tables and fields? Thanks a lot.