Fixed Routing Run Time for An operation in NM2.60

Hello everyone, Can anybody suggest how do we fix an operation time on the routing lines per operation irrespective of the output we are producing. also is it possible to set up run time for an operation on the basis of Input rather than the output. Thanks

Mohan Please excuse my lack of experience with Navision Manufacturing 2.60, so you may well get better suggestions from elsewhere, however here are my thoughts: If you require to fix an operation time, and capture run time then I cannot see an easy way to accomplish this. Theoretically you could fix an operation time nby having no run time, and setting the cumulative run and set-up time in the set-up time field, capturing the necessary cost for a “fixed” time. However you also have a requirement to calculate run time from input rather than output, so this data also has to be captured. Depending on the set-up of the business you may try capturing this utilising different work centres, but if you need to capture the run-time from the input I cannot see how the two can work in tandem on the same operation. I also do not believe it is possible to set the run time from input as standard, this would require a modification, although I presume you are talking about the cost of the operation that is the run time, times the quantity produced equals the operation cost, but as you know the run time itself is an input field so you can populate this how you like, however the cost is worked out from the output, so if the relationship was standard I suppose you could alter the cost against the work centre so the run time (from the input) produced the same cost as standard, but this would really mess up your capcities and scheduling of the work centres as the run time would not reflect how long the operation takes. Seems to me as though it is all possible, just that you may need to modify the code, and you certainly have to be aware of the knock on effects of setting the system up in this way, although it maybe exactly what you want! Hope someone else gives you a simpler more coherent answer! Steve Weaver

Thanks Steve.

Alternatively, operations can have a minimum and/or maximum time specified on the route. Therefore, you can set these to force a fixed operation time. Steve is correct, you would need a modification to get the run time based on an input quantity. You would need to get the output quantity from the previous operation to update the run time in the subsequent operation. Why do you need to do this? When you create the order, you presumably intend to make the full quantity and therefore you need to plan capacity for that. If you then amend the capacity needs based on previous operations then the capacity need would change suddenly and apparently randomly. Consider this: Operation 1 is working on making 100 units. The operator has made 10 when his shift ends. He does an output journal for 10 which then updates the time for operation 2 with a run time for 10. If the planner now looked at that, he would think that he needs less capacity and may plan other work. Next shift, op 1 restarts and produces 85 then decides to make no more. The output journal then chsnges the required time for op 2 to show 95 units and the planners brain fries as he finds himself over capacity. Just something to consider. Cheers, John

John Thank you for your input, I am new to the navision world and am still learning. I had looked at the minimum and maximum tiime but I was unable to get these to have any affect on the cost, so treated them as for informational purposes only - if you know, how do you get these to calculate any respective costs? Cheers Steve

Steve, You’re right, they are for information. I’m absolutely sure they worked for me at one time though. Maybe I had a mod somewhere. Losing my mind as well as my hair. Cheers John