Fixed Column Size in Grid

Hello All,

Can I fixed the column size in grid? I dont want user can adjust the size of column.


Hi ,

yes , you can do that . find the control property display length and give size according to your wish

Hi Mahesh,

How? I try this :

Grid.autoSizeColumns(false); —> it’s not effect

ContainerTrans_ItemId.displayLength(1000,1); → it’s not change anything
ContainerTrans_ItemId.displayLengthMode(); → it’s not change anything
ContainerTrans_ItemId.displayLengthValue(1000); → it’s not change anything

and many properties i already try and i can’t found the properties to lock user can change the column size.


design → grid → field properties → Display length

give display length as 200 /300/400/500 …

like that set a display length property to all the fields of a grid


It’s not working.

already give display length = 300, but the column can be adjust by user too…

Any idea?


Try changing the properties “AllowUserSetup” to “No” in the properties of the Group that contains the Grid.