Fixed Assets

I have created a Fixed Assets item. I created a PO there is a Type column I clicked Fixed Assets and No. I clicked FA00210, but there is a message said "Gen Prod Posting Group must have a value in G/L Acct. No. =13106. It cannot be zero or empty.

Can you help point out where do I need fixed it?

Thank you!

Yes, that error occurs upon adding fixed asset, you must need to complete the set up.

Go to your FA00210 card, the posting group you are needed are FA Class Code and FA Sub-class code.

That error you can track it, go to Financial Mgt module → Set up → Posting Groups → Fixed Asset

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in standart Navision these two have nothing to do with posting group info (although I havre seen modifications, where a link to default PGs was added to Classes/Subclasses for ease of FA entry, OR, maybe some localisations have that included)

PGs are set in lower (“grid”) part of FA card, where you add line(s) Depreciation Book(s) for the FA.

However, Bhing is correct saying that FA PG itself must be set up in

you must fill in there all appropriate G/L accounts, as with any PG setup.

I have click on FA Class to Tangible, and I checked on GP Fixed Assets showed Equipment set to account #13016.

I am not sure what else do I need to do.