Fixed Assets

Does anyone out there have experience with the Fixed Assets part of Navision? We are trying to determine if we should convert from our current system. Jimmy Fortier Integrated Technology Manager

Have implemented a couple of FA sites. What types of questions do you have??? Diana Burton Beck Consulting, Inc.

Hi, I can say that it is one of the best and easiest to implement Navision granule. Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.

When I set it up, it took around one hour to set up the system (without inputting the data) and then the depreciation took around 10 for 500 assets. There are also a lot of possibilities to set up several depreciation rules (books) in the system. So it is deffently a good module. Michael Ottosen Exsis Network a/s +45 35 35 35 65

As with nearly everything in Navision. As long as your only operating within one company, you’re fine. If you want to present a “single view” of your assets i.e. for management reporting\enquiries, forget it!