Fixed Assets Register- REPORT-Global Dimension

Hi all,

I am facing an issue how to design a proper report for assets register for a company.

The register that I want to generate a FA report per example as follows:

OB 2013 Additions 2013 Disposal Transfers Reclassification Total

Gross Value 100 15 - 20 - - (100+15-20)

Accum Depr 10 2 -4 (10+2-4)

NET Value (100-10) (15-2) -20-(-4) (100-10)+(15-2)+(-20-(-4)

We are discussing to have a Global dimension for Additions, Disposals in order to keep track of FA Activity in order to report as follows:


(1) Additions 2013

(a) New purchase 2013

(b) Transfers 2013

(2) Disposals 2013

(a) Out of Order 2013

(b) Transfers 2013

And so on for the coming years 2014, 2015,…etc . (Transfers are between FA locations but have to be displayed separately)

Is it a correct understanding of using those dimensions or is something else to arrange ?



Have you check the standard report of NAV i.e Book Value 01 and Book Value 02

You will get an idea.

Yes, Ofc

The fact is that we have more column to fill as per additional assets, disposals, transfers etc.

that’s why a new report will be designed.

The point on my post actually is that, if the using of a global dimension to differentiate the FA transactions

is correct or not.

Many thanks

What global dimensions you are going to use for these transactions ??