Fixed assets: redeclare main asset/component -how?

Moin: In our Attain 3.10 there exists a big number of fixed assets. When typing in this data, nobody assigned whether it´s a main asset or a component. It´s not possible just redeclare a record by clicking the apropriate field in the fixed asset card. Anybody out there who can tell how to achieve this? Regards Alarich

Hi! To assign a Fixed Asset as a sub-component to another Fixed Asset (Main Asset), you need to go on the Fixed Asset Card: Fixed Asset (Button) → Main Asset Components Here you specify the sub-components. The Component of Fixed Asset field is then automatically populated in the relevant Fixed Asset cards. Please note that you can only have Fixed Assets that are Main Assets and those that are Sub-components. You cannot create a tier structure (i.e. Have a Sub-component of a sub-component). Hope this is of help!