Fixed Assets Reclassification

The system will not let my reclassify assets with a $0 acquisition cost. Is there anyway this could be changed in Navision? N.Anu

Why is the cost $0? You could go into the fixed asset ledger table and change the appropriate fields since there is no monetary value. I am intrigued as to why there is no acquisition cost associated? Bill McCorkle

This is the way the system is designed: one of the features of the granule is partial reclassification. Remember, that you have two options for that – to enter either fixed amount or percentage to reclassify. However, even if you enter amount, the system anyway recalculates it on formula: “ % = Amount / Acquisition Cost ”. Guess, what will happen if the system allows zero acquisition cost :o) And one more thing – Reclassification granule is a tool for managing historic costs when manipulating fixed assets. As Bill mentioned, why do you need the granule if you do not intend to manage costs? Regards Andriy