Fixed Assets: pro rata temporis: How-To?

Not being in too much detail in fixed assets so far I am looking for information how to setup the depreciation method/book/whatever to be able to have depreciation pro rata temporis. This means in my understanding, that if a fixed asset is acquired, the depreciation starts at the beginning of the period (month,year?) in which the acquisition took place. Anyone to help me out?[:(]

This sounds for me to be the normal “Straight-Line” depreciation method where you specify starting date and number of months/years to depreciate over. Then an equal amount (based on days) will be calulated over the period (navision always calculated 30 days for a full month)

So, if I get you right, I just enter the first day of the period in the table FA Depreciation Book, even if I purchase the FA on the 15th of the month?