Fixed assets invoicing and Inventory problem


I have an created an PO for fixed asset and picked the quantity through packingSlip. Now i have transferred the item from warehouse 1 to warehouse2. I tried to do the invoicing for the Fixed asset , the system would not allow and it results in the item cannot be picked with 0 quantity. I tried the same for above process for just an item (no fixed assets) and worked fine.

Can you please let me know what is the reason for failure for fixed asset to a normal item. and please suggest how to correct it ?




The item is not available at the warehouse when FA should be created. Actually on PO invoice, system consumes the inventory and updates the FA acquisition. So the thing here is that the item which you are using for acquiring FA shouldn’t be transferred to any other warehouse as it will be eventually consumed.


Yes the error looks correct. But since we do invoicing at the later point of time after receiving , we normally move the items from a virtual warehouse to the actual warehouse. Is there a way we can still invoice the FA without being the item at the same location as in PO ?. Please advice.

Still i will recommend not to do any transaction like TO of the item which is used as FA intermeditiary item. I will suggest to create a generic FA item of type service.

For the current issue: i will suggest to post another transfer such that the item is available in warehouse and FA can be created by consuming inventory.

Just wanted to add one more important here. You should be very careful for selecting item on PO lines when FA is created. If the item is stocked then PO transactions for FA will also be included in closing and system may post adjustment entry.


Thank you… I check with my company and see what is the feasable solution. Thanks for all your inputs.