Fixed Assets Depreciation

Hi All,

My user have one requirement on the fixed assets depreciation, as per him if we have the adjustment on the fixed assets the depreciation on the adjustment will calculated on the remaining service life.For example:

Fixed Assets : Building

Service Life: 300 month

Acquisition Value : 41,025,708.41

Acquisition Date: 31/8/2014

Depreciation in September: -136,752.36 (41,025,708.41 / 300)

Adjustment in December: 2,216,210.69

Depreciation in December: 144,139.73 (43,241,919.1 / 300)

But as per my accountant the depreciation in the month of December should be:

136,752.36 (41,025,708.41 / 300) + 7487.2 (2,216,210.69 / 296) = 144,239.56

Can you suggest me how i can achieve in this in AX i an using “Straight line service life” depreciation method.

Thanks in advance.

Any Suggestion experts