Fixed Assets creation from the Purchase order

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I have a PO for one fixed asset,say, Computer System for the quantity 5 and i want to create the 5 different fixed assets in the fixed assets details form with the unit price. Currently system is making only one and in the fixed assets details form it is putting the quantity 5 and unit price.

As i am using the bar code also for the fixed assets, so i required 5 different fixed assets. Is it possible to do that through the purchase order with one line or i have create the five line of the same item with unit price.

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In my Opinion I think you have to enter it separately!

Dear Imran,

you have to create single fixed asset order and have to enter computer system items which you create.

now when it comes to computer system then if the model is same then Barcode will be same for all 5 unit but if model is not same then there will be different in the barcode it mean u have to create new items,

what you can do is make the item and make batch or serial number then u can achieve the expected result.

thanks for your replies.

But i got an another solution that is good, i will create the PO of 1 line with qty 5 and process the PO. Once the PO get process the fixed asset will be created with the total value, now here i can use the split functionality and split the fixed asset created in four other newly created assets.

Please suggest me on this. And also the Hussain suggestion we can use for creating the serial numbers.

It’s better to create five lines on PO. If you split assets, then system posts internal entries like acquisition adjustment for new assets, so reporting might be impacted. System will understand that there is only one acquisition.

Unfortunately, AX doesn’t has very good solution inbuilt. Even if you use serial number functionality and use registration feature on PO, system still created one FA.


HI Imran,

Our team did customized this functionality. For ex: if Po raised 5 qty for Item A (which is a FA type), then the finance team will enable a field "Create multiple FA’ and then only Post the invoice for the PO. Upon invoicing, 5 FAs will be created with netbook value of unit price given in PO. This is customization. If user dont enable the field, then only one FA will be created with net value of PO.

You can try tht.

  • Elmer

Hi Elmer,

can u share me the details for your customization, my emailid is

Hi Elmer,

I am experiencing exactly the same challenge.

My email is - kindly share with me the customization.

Yes you have to create five line on your PO for this.