Fixed Assets - Categorise Acq/Exp (Dep.) under G.Dimension

Hi Peeps.

Any experts can advise on this.

I have a Global Dimension 1 as Branch. I want my fixed assets acquisitions, expenses, depreciations, disposals and etc to be captured in such a way:

  • Among different Branches i.e. 30%/40%/30%

  • There will be a possibility of transfer of Asset i.e. from Branch 1 to Branch 2 OR Branch 1 to Branch 2 and Branch 3

Ultimately, the Income State Report generated by each branch (G.Dimension) will have to show the above information. Any experts can point me to the right direction regarding this? :smiley:

You have to pass manual JV for every percentage using Dimension .

As well as I suggest look at FA reclass journals in which you can mention mention acq.cost % while reclassification of FA.

You can customize the same according to your requirement.

Thanks for your prompt reply. Can you elaborate more on the ‘Pass manual JV’?

You need to use FA GL journal/FA journal to pass manual General journal in respective account /FA card using dimension.