Fixed asset

In fixed asset journal am doing is reflecting there in asset trans form.i have added one field there.but i need to add the value of amount and to my field value where should i add the value…?

Thanks in advance.


Thats means you have added a field to ledgerJournalTrans table- If so your code in

Class - AssetPost

Method - initFromLedgerJournalTrans

No Kranthi…i have added field called UB_NAV in asset trans.For first record UB_NAV value same as to the amount(Amount is the existing field in asset trans grid).for next record UB_Nav = previous Record amount + New record amount should come…

what ever may be your logic-> if you want to update your custom field in assetTrans when a Fixed asset journal is posted - put your code in the above mentioned class.

Ya kranthi thanks…its working fine…thanks a lot…!!!

Hi Everyone,

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