Fixed asset with negative acquisition value

I have a need to enter contra-assets in Dynamics AX 2009 fixed assets module. I have marked the checkbox on the value model ‘allowe negative net book value’. However when I try to book the (negative) acquisition value the system does not allow me to make the entry (‘posted net value will be negative’).

Does anyone has an idea how to do this? Are there any alternatives?

Hello Lennart,

I think you are on the good way. When checking checkbox on valuemodel “allow negative net book value” should be sufficient to post a negative acq value. May be you have multiple valuemodels, so you get the error on that second value model.

BR, Ube

Note, Im also working in Zeeuws Vlaanderen on AX [:)]

I think that the allow negative net book value means the net value to be negative in case depreciation is exceeding acquisition and not negative acquisition.


Hi Pranav, I think you are right. Still I am surprised, because contra fixed assets are not uncommon in group structures. I tend to believe that there must be a ‘standard’ way to register these items rather than changing the code and allowing negative acquisition values. Hope someone is able to advice.

Are you uploading opening balances for Fixed Assets in AX?

if Yes, then why don’t you post Acquisition and Depreciation seperately and take the benefit of Negative Asset Value Functionality.