Fixed Asset -Tax Depreciation

Hi, I am using Nav4.0 to test the Fixed Asset depreciation for Tax purpose. I created a new Fixed Asset for MACRS depreciation on a 3 year half-year convention. The correct depreciation % should be as follows: Year 1 - 33.33% Year 2 - 44.45% Year 3 - 14.81% Year 4 - 7.41% On Navision, I used DB1 and ran the depreciation yearly. However, the Navision’s calculation was as this follows: DB1 Half Year conversion FA Posting Date FA No. FA Posting Type Amount NAV % No. of Depreciation Days 2/16/2006 FA000150 Acquisition Cost 10,000.00 0 2/16/2006 FA000150 Depreciation -3,809.71 38.10% 360 2/16/2007 FA000150 Depreciation -3,567.19 35.67% 360 2/16/2008 FA000150 Depreciation -1,748.82 17.49% 360 2/16/2009 FA000150 Depreciation -874.28 8.74% 360 I don’t know why navision’s depreciation % did not match up with manually Declining calculation. I ran it monthly and still can’t match. Can anyone help? Thanks, Trin

Hi, Try and use the Depreciation Table Header/Depreciation Table Line. Create a new Depreciation Table. Set the “Total No. of Units” to 100 in the Header. On each line, you enter your yearly % in “Period Depreciation %”. On your Fixed Asset, You set the Depreciation Method to User-Defined. Assign the Depreciation Line the the Depreciation Table that you have just created. Try and calculate the depreciation now … This should solve the problem … hopefully [:D]

Hi, The problem is that the user did not want to setup depreciation talbes likes this. There are a lot of Tax depreciation tables like this and it will be a job to set them all up. Thanks, Trin

Hi again, As far as i know this is the only way to solve this problem. Of course the user will have to create many tables, since there are many different tax tables and they are all (almost) unique.